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A well-woman visit is designed to provide preventive care as well as address any health issues a woman may be experiencing. At Advanced Urogynecology, Dr. Kristin M. Jackson and Rosalind Arp, women’s health nurse practitioner, offer their services to the residents of Maitland, Florida and many nearby communities. They encourage area women to take control of their health and visit their facility if they have any gynecological or urinary tract problems that may need to be addressed.

Well Woman Visit Q & A

Why are well woman visits necessary?

Well woman visits are necessary to help women maintain good reproductive health. A well woman visit is a comprehensive medical exam that covers basic health, as well as thoroughly evaluating the function of a woman's reproductive system. A pap smear and mammogram are routinely performed both for preventive reasons as well as to determine if there are any concerns that need to be addressed. During a well woman visit, the patient will be asked if they’re experiencing any abnormalities that need to be addressed. Dr. Jackson will review any past complaints and check to see if there has been any improvement or if further measures need to be taken.

How often should a well woman visit be scheduled?

Women should schedule a well woman visit once each year unless otherwise requested by their gynecologist. If the patient has a past history of abnormal pap smears or other reproductive issues that require more frequent care, Dr. Jackson may request visits be scheduled twice a year to ensure any issues are caught in the earliest possible stages. This allows the doctor to provide the most effective treatment options allowing for the fastest recovery. In most cases, one visit per year is more than enough to allow the doctor time to review the patient's current state of health and discuss any problems they may be having.

What are the benefits of early detection?

Early detection saves lives. A well woman visit includes a variety of screenings for conditions like breast cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer, and sexually transmitted diseases. The earlier many of these conditions are detected, the more treatment options Dr. Jackson has at her disposal to offer to the patient. By catching an illness in its earliest stages, the doctor also has an opportunity to use more than one method of treatment if, for some reason, the first method or combination of methods wasn’t successful. Each patient will respond differently to various methods of treatment and should be closely monitored throughout their treatment program to make sure the treatment is providing the desired results.

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